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12 Month Facebook Ad Game Plan

Over the past few years we’ve built thousands of Facebook ads for Martial Arts businesses… Now we’ve gathered the best performing ads & audience settings to create a 12-month Game Plan – your solution for long term, effective & optimized Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising

Created by professionals . Driven by Data
Used by Top Martial Arts businesses worldwide

Next Steps: Let’s Talk About:

  • Let’s build your calendar of ads – we’ll choose our best performing ads together
  • We’ll target the ads towards custom audiences geared specifically for your industry type based on your industry data
  • Pixels automatically installed for targeted ads


  • Automated adjustments based on performance- you’ll never pay for a low performing ad (I explain in the video above)
  • Performance analytics in real time – direct access to your ad stats 24/7

How Facebook Ads with 97 Display Works

We’ll work with you to create a calendar of ads based on our collection of highest performers.

Our software will automatically adjust based on their performance to optimize them 24/7.

We provide reporting – live link, 24/7 access


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