What 97Display Is All About:

Growing great businesses with great people by providing software and marketing solutions to connect out clients with their community.


To empower fitness and martial arts businesses to more effectively impact their communities through growth and proven marketing techniques.

There’s someone in your community that needs your help right now. Since 2011, when we launched our first website for a Krav Maga school in Raleigh, NC, we have been relentless in generating leads for local businesses so they can connect with those who need them most.

Thousands of martial arts schools, fitness studios and other determined-to-grow businesses later, our ever-evolving platform continues to help bring life to communities globally.

We want you to effectively communicate your value and voice. It all starts with a 10-15 minute phone call.

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Core Values


Growth Mindset

97Display is a rocket ship and growth is the propellant behind every transformation and reward. We innovate and invest while embracing challenges, seeking opportunities, and accepting new responsibilities. The growth of our company and the personal growth of our team are inextricably linked. Our Growth Mindset serves as our compass as we pursue improvement, push boundaries, and welcome change. We vehemently opposed the fixed mindset, recognizing that complacency and resistance to change hinder progress. This commitment drives us to explore new horizons, adapt to new situations, and redefine industry standards to ensure our company’s success and personal growth for all.

Elevate "The Standard"

“The Standard” underscores our dedication to excellence and represents success achieved through openness, trust, integrity, and proactive problem-solving. We view individual success as integral to the company’s prosperity and vice versa. Coupled with our Growth mindset, “The Standard” pushes us to reach for new summits of achievement and innovation, always striving to be better than before. In our daily work, this manifests as a commitment to honesty, taking ownership of challenges, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. We firmly reject mediocrity, believing that by embracing this core value, we can attain unparalleled success and set industry standards for excellence.

Just Own It

We believe in taking charge of our roles and responsibilities, embracing our results, and even our mistakes. This core value inspires us to make informed decisions swiftly to maintain a perpetual forward momentum. Mistakes are not avoided but welcomed as opportunities for improvement and growth. Owning our work manifests as a culture of accountability, where we take full responsibility for our actions and outcomes, continuously learning and adapting to become better. We firmly reject blame and avoidance, knowing that true progress lies in seizing every opportunity to improve ourselves and our company.

We ARE the Blueprint

WE ARE the most pivotal part in executing the 97 Blueprint. The Blueprint is the foundation that supports our radical marketing solution. Just as a strong foundation is essential for a solid structure, our team of experts, content producers, and marketing professionals are the backbone of the 97 Blueprint, and each individual owns their part in executing the 97 Blueprint, enabling our company and the businesses we work with to achieve and exceed expectations.

Good Vibes

The work we do, the environment we work in, and our colleagues enrich our lives. We embody this value by maintaining a positive attitude and working for the greater good, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and enjoyment. Hard work is balanced with moments of celebration, reflecting our commitment to positivity. We manifest Good Vibes by valuing collaboration and rejecting cynicism, ensuring our workplace is a space where everyone contributes positively to our collective success and happiness.


We are privileged to work with thousands of business leaders in these industries:

Today we serve over 1400 businesses globally, spanning 11 countries and generating tens of thousands of leads each month.

Right now there is someone in your town who needs your help.

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Our Crew

Meet the smart and talented folks who keep our software going and the good ideas flowing.
Amir S. - Senior Architect

Amir S.

Senior Architect
Alex R. - Sales Executive

Alex R.

Sales Executive
Arianna O. - Digital Advertising Specialist

Arianna O.

Digital Advertising Specialist
Brittany W. - Digital Marketing Specialist

Brittany W.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Cory J. - Director of Customer Experience

Cory J.

Director of Customer Experience
Jade D. - Onboarding Specialist

Jade D.

Onboarding Specialist
James R. - R&D Junior Developer

James R.

R&D Junior Developer
Jennifer  S. - Digital Marketing Specialist

Jennifer S.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Jonathan G. - CEO

Jonathan G.

Judd W. - Scrum Master

Judd W.

Scrum Master
Keith S. - Director of R&D

Keith S.

Director of R&D
Maddie K. - Digital Marketing Coordinator

Maddie K.

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Nicole G. - Product Owner

Nicole G.

Product Owner
Yusuf N. - Senior Developer

Yusuf N.

Senior Developer
Zach A. - Director of Growth

Zach A.

Director of Growth
Tahir K. -  Campaign Manager

Tahir K.

Campaign Manager