9 Best Fitness Website Designs 2021

by 97display on

The right fitness website design will effectively show prospective leads everything that your facility has to offer.  A key element of any successful marketing strategy is a website designed to convert.

When selecting a fitness website design it is important to appeal to the mindset of your viewers. When organic website traffic lands on your site from a search engine they likely were looking for what you offer in your location (i.e. “Personal Training in Winston-Salem”).

This means your site needs to be designed to:

  1. Rank for the terminology individuals in your area use
  2. Convert the traffic that does land on your website

Elements that help conversion include:

  • Strategically built forms
  • Precise button placement/color/text
  • Easy navigation
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • and Sleek design elements

Below are a few of the best fitness website designs of 2020 ( New Designs Coming Fall 2021!). Each of these designs incorporates unique design elements and share the common goal of converting traffic to leads. 97Display has used our years of extensive industry data, each design is A-B tested from logo placement to button text.


You won’t find a fitness website design with the ability to be more clean and sleek than the NOLA theme. This design is perfect for the fitness gym owner who wants their images to be the star of their website!  Because NOLA is built on our first EVER modular fitness theme, the “building block-like” functionality allows for enhanced user experience, boosted SEO, and (best of all) unmatched customization options.


Built on the upgraded platform Jeter is the ideal pick for the fitness business owner ready to embrace the latest and best technology. When it comes to functionality, the Jeter theme has ALL the “bells and whistles,” and the new platform it’s built on will only mean more unmatched feature updates to come. Jeter (as well as its sister theme, NOLA! Will be automatically compatible with all brand new homepage section releases scheduled for 2020-2021.

Your business never stays stagnant, and this website theme is developed with the flexibility to move and grow with you.


Mountaineer is an excellent fitness theme. Large, bold sections and ombre overlays make program titles and images pop. This easy-to-skim, mobile-first design incorporates linear design elements that draw the eye down and entice viewers to browse the entire site.


Dallas is a fitness website theme built to convert. The large map section on Dallas’ homepage is perfect for businesses with multiple gym/studio locations, as it can help viewers easily find the locations closest in proximity to them. This design also incorporates multiple text sections, which means more space for SEO-rich content.


Bengal is the perfect website design for a fitness business that wants to emphasize a promotional or instructional video on their homepage. Bold colorful sections make this theme memorable to anyone who comes across it. Additionally, a homepage Instagram integration is the perfect place to highlight instructors and facility images while giving prospects incredible insight to what a day at your gym is really like.



The Callie theme is the perfect balance between sleek and functional. Callie is perfect for fitness business owners interested in cultivating a high level of engagement from prospects browsing their website. This theme incorporates buttons on every section on the homepage and makes lead submission easy with horizontal forms on the top of every page.



Peyton is a versatile theme available in dark or light designs. Show the world your incredible staff. With a home page instructor images that link directly to their bio! After all, your staff page is the 3rd most visited page on your website.


For more information about 2020 fitness website designs and technology reach out to a 97Display Website Specialist at (888) 973-4775 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.