New Martial Arts & Fitness Website Designs

by Emily Naehring on
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NEW Martial Arts and Fitness Website Themes NERO & LEGACY From 97Display NOW Available

When I began generating ideas for the new themes, my primary focus was on creating something that both our clients and their customers would truly enjoy. I took into consideration the feedback received from Will and Jade, who have extensive experience communicating with our clients during the development process. Based on their input, I made certain changes, such as giving the new Offers Section a more stylish appearance compared to the previous version. One exciting addition is the ability to incorporate a photo within this section, which I believe will greatly appeal to our clients.

For inspiration for our new sliders, I looked to our Premium Salem theme. The header design in Salem caught my attention, so I wanted to incorporate that concept into my ideas. With the Legacy Theme slider, I drew further inspiration from Salem, featuring three unique words beneath the header. To give it a modern touch for our clients, I made some modifications, which I believe I successfully accomplished. The Legacy header also adopts a new and distinct style, incorporating a color-adjustable gradient.

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While designing some of our new sections, I took inspiration from our older themes. The new features section, for example, shares similarities with a previous section we had, but with more stylized options that include opaque text boxes and background images. Additionally, I had some original ideas that emerged from my own thought processes.

Above all, my goal was to create new themes that are truly unique, with a refreshed and modern feel, while providing more customizable features. It was important to adhere to SEO and conversion guidelines and to captivate the viewer’s attention. When building websites for our clients, I always strive to showcase their brand and values effectively. With additional opportunities for photos and showcasing their essence, I can achieve this in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

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After completing the mockups for our new themes, Nero and Legacy, I sought input from Nicole regarding their SEO and conversion potential, as well as her opinion on the visual appeal. We made a few minor adjustments here and there, but ultimately finalized them quite swiftly. Before sending our sliders to the R&D department, I gathered input from various individuals, including our support team members Jesse, Mark, Eric, Judd, and others
. Based on their feedback, we determined which sliders would be the best choices for our clients.

Our new themes will bring updates to several sections, along with exciting new additions. These include new sliders, a gradient header, an enhanced “about us” section, two new offers sections, THREE updated programs sections, a brand spanking new blog section, and a fresh features section.