The Importance of Keeping Your Website Fresh

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Having an SEO rich website for your business allows everyone interested in your services to find your business and learn more about what makes it so great! But it’s important to remember to keep the content and imagery on your site relevant, and here’s why:

Google LOVES New Content

Fresh content is a vital part of SEO. If you never update the content on your website then search engines (like Google) don’t recognize your site as a valuable source of information. Google’s goal is to provide users with valuable, accurate content they are searching for. Stale websites with old information, broken links, and low traffic are much less likely to appear on the first page compared to sites that are regularly buzzing with new information. This is why, at 97Display, our services include dedicated account reps ready to update each site with events, blogs, new programs, and additional photos.

An Updated Site Keeps Your Audience Coming Back For More

Aesthetics are especially important; you want your website to look modern and up-to-date. It’s easy to tell when you arrive on a website that’s outdated. A few key signs are:

  • 1. It’s not mobile responsive (and you have to pinch and zoom to even be able to read its pages)
  • 2. Slow loading speeds
  • 3. Not user-friendly (tough to navigate)
  • 4. Lacking social media links


Having a beautiful, professional website that is easy-to-use keeps users engaging with your page longer, which is also great for SEO! When users land on a site only to become frustrated with its confusing layout and hard-to-read text they “bounce” from the page immediately – Google recognizes and punishes websites with a high bounce-rate.

Your  Website Should Keep Up With Your Client’s Needs

Function is important; your website should keep up with the features your customers want and need. Technology is always evolving, and so should your website. Therefore, here are important features to add to your website to keep it valuable to users include:

  • 1. Member portals
  • 2. Online schedules
  • 3. Events Sections
  • 4. Maps to your location


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